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China Oversea Talent Program

Basic Requirement:

  1. > Applicants should generally have obtained a PhD degree (from China or Oversea) in science, technology or engineering field (mechanical, materials, automation, electrical, medical, energy, IT, microsystem, semiconductor etc.).
  2. > The applicant must currently full time work in the top 200 universities according to the QS world ranking or Top 500 companies according to Forbs ranking and currently serving in the position of Associate Professor and above in an overseas university or serving in the position for Non-Chinese top 500 companies as young research scientist/engineer (if under 35 years old) or as management position above 35.
  3. > The applicant must have at least three years consecutive Post-PhD work experience outside China.
  4. > Applicant is not yet full time in China or full-time in China after January 1, 2023.
  5. > Applicant normally should be under the age of 60.

Submitted materials and documents:

  1. > Application form & CV;
  2. > Photo copy of passport;
  3. > Photo copy of the PhD degree certificate;
  4. > Proof of work experience (job offer, contract, work letter, etc.);
  5. > Proof of scientific research achievements (including papers, patents,innovations rights, honor recognition, etc.);
  6. > research projects involved if have.

What will the talent get:

  1. > National talent title award with 3-5 million RMB living support by Chinese government;
  2. > At least 1 million RMB annual salary offered by Chinese companies.
  3. > Permanent offer from Chinese company with chief scientist, research director, etc.


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